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We seek to minister to the whole family AND the family as a whole
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Family Room  |  Available Anytime

We love having kids join us for worship and we believe that God is the one who gave them all their wiggles. But we also know that sometimes kids need a little more space to be kids. We have a family room available with toys and other activities anytime your family might need a break. The live stream of our service is available so parents don't have to miss what's happening in worship.

Kid's Church  |  Sundays at 10:30am

Kid's Church is both high energy & high impact to help kids (Pre-K-5th grade) grow in their relationship with God. Kid's have a great time in Kid's Church and love learning all about God's great love and BIG plans for their lives. Kids begin in worship in the sanctuary and are dismissed midway through the worship service. 

Family Worship Sunday  |  Last Sunday of the Month

We believe that kids are not just the church of tomorrow, but they are a vital part of who we are as the church right now! And while we value providing age specific ministry we also believe it is vital to create intergenerational opportunities for our church to worship together. Every Family Worship Sunday is intentional to make kids feel included and provides activity packs to give kids a hands-on way to worship right along with the rest of us.

Free-For-All  |  Monthly

Free-For-All is a FREE engaging live event where everyone in the family can come together for an interactive show with snacks, music, games, and plenty of laughter, all while learning about the character of God. In addition we always include some kind of really fun seasonal activity your family will have a blast participating in. Free-For-All is meant for every age and there is always something for everyone.

Family Events  |  All Throughout the Year

We regularly offer opportunities for families to come together and have a great time at church. Sometimes it is something as simple as a family movie night while other times we may do a church bowling night. We believe that every generation matters and want our church to be the kind of place where families receive the encouragement and support they need to thrive.

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Why so much emphasis on family?

With so much in our world that is pulling families is so many different directions, we feel like it is important for the church to be a place that brings families together. We want to see families thrive and believe it happens best when they are growing in faith together. But, for us, family is not only a biological term. While the family we were born into will always be important, we believe that equally important is the sense of family that is fostered as we find our place in the church together.

Who can participate?

Our events are meant to be a place where the whole family can participate together. We try to ensure there is something for everyone so that everyone can have a place to belong. While we realize that our events will most likely appeal mostly to those who have kids and/or youth still at home, we believe that grandparents, aunts, uncles, family friends, and so many others will have a great time participating in our family ministry.

What about age-specific ministries?

The vast majority of our family ministry does not happen in age-specific ministries, but rather in an all inclusive environment together. While we believe that age-specific ministries certainly have their place, for us that place is not first-and-foremost. Instead, our events strategically consider the needs of every age group and try to offer something in the shared experience together that can meet them where they are.

How does check-in work?

Our church has a very simple registration process for many of our events to ensure the safety of all our participants. If registration is needed we will have a host who can help check you in. The first time you check-in we will enter you into our system so that every check-in after that will take next to no time.