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Here for each other all along the journey of grace
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Small Groups

At their heart, small groups are all about relationship. Rather than focusing primarily on instruction, small groups are all about fostering healthy conversation. Here we are learning to share life together because we believe there is so much that each one of us has to offer one another. Since God is at work in the midst of our lives, the more we share our lives with one another the more aware and open to the work of God in our own lives we can all become.

Study Groups

Growth in grace can't take place without some form of godly instruction. In addition to Sunday Worship, our Study groups provide an excellent context to explore God's Word and deepen our faith. Here your questions about faith won't be dismissed, but are welcomed as they help us all explore our faith in new and deepening ways.

Women's Ministry

Ladies thrive when they have other ladies in their lives with whom they can share life with. Our Women's Ministry provides a place for ladies to find community and be a source of encouragement to one another. Women's Ministry features a variety of events throughout the year all meant to create space for ladies to create connections with one another and build lasting friendships that help us grow in our faith.

Men's Ministry

When the guys get together you know it's going to be a great time. Our Men's Ministry is a great place for men of all ages to come and build the kind of lasting friendships with other men that every guy needs in their lives. We typically get together once a month for a shared meal and conversation together.

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Why should I join a group?

Groups are the very best way to get connected in the church. Here you will have the opportunity to share life and develop relationships with others which is central to our spiritual growth all along the journey of grace. In order to grow spiritually we all need to be connected relationally.

What happens when groups meet?

Each one of our groups is unique, but they all exist to help us get connected and grow in our faith. Our small groups usually meet in homes and consist of a social time, a discussion time, and a prayer time. Our study groups gather at the church and spend the majority of their time digging deeper into a particular theme or passage of scripture. Men's and Women's gatherings are there to help us foster lasting friendships which serve as an invaluable source of encouragement and support.

Are groups right for me?

We think groups are right for everyone! We know that trying something new can be a little bit intimidating, but groups make it about as easy as possible. Here you won't be put on the spot or have to speak up when you don't want to. Our groups are a relaxed atmosphere that allow you to come as you are and get involved at the pace you feel most comfortable with.

How do I get started with groups?

You are welcome to visit any of our groups to see which is right for you. Our ministry team is also happy to assist you in finding a group and answering any questions you might have about groups. You can use the group finder to see a list of available groups and reach out to group leaders for more specific info about any one of our groups.