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We exist for so much more than ourselves alone
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Ministry Volunteers

Every one of our ministries requires volunteers in order to operate so there are plenty of ways to get involved at La Grande Nazarene. Whether you are looking for something ongoing or just a one-time volunteer opportunity, our church has ways you can help. Our volunteer opportunities are regularly posted on our Volunteer page. There you will find a list of opportunities to choose from. Select the ones that interest you and sign-up in the comment section.

*NOTE: A Free Faithlife profile is required to sign-up online. You can create one here.

Community Partnerships

Union County has some fantastic organizations doing important work to help improve lives in our community. We have created strategic partnerships with several of these organizations to help respond to these needs. If you are looking for a hands-on way to serve in our community we would love to help you get involved.

Community Advocacy

Our church has a passion to make a real difference in the everyday lives of all people. One of the primary ways we are doing this is through our advocacy program. Here we work with people who've hit a rough patch in life and need some help navigating the resources available to improve their situation. By learning people's stories and walking alongside them all throughout the process we are able to offer the kind of support that is needed to help make a lasting impact.

Global Missions

There are certainly needs right in our own community, but the needs don't end there. By partnering with global organizations, La Grande Nazarene is able to participate in providing basic human needs to those in extreme poverty, partner with churches to increase ministry effectiveness, and help address issues of extreme injustice all across the globe.

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